Tactical Advice & Execution

Executive expertise on a part time, temporary, interim, advisory or management consulting basis.

Turnaround & Restructuring

Across all types of companies, CEOs and senior leaders are under increasing pressure as investors and boards push them to do more in a faster paste. In times of declining profits, insolvency and shrinking liquidity, new CEOs often end up trying to desperately change their company’s trajectory by themselves. All too often the necessary turnaround efforts start too late and the focus is set only to immediate cost reduction, which in most cases do not deliver lasting change. A transformation that fails to address a company’s capabilities can achieve only short-term improvements, which tend to disappear when the company moves on to the next challenge.

We help management stabilize finances and operations to reassure all parties that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value. Our deep expertise across many industries allows us to quickly ascertain the key issues and to react immediately on behalf of our clients. For clients in crisis, the team develops liquidity forecasts, improves cash flow management, obtains additional financing, negotiates loan covenant waivers and guides complex debt restructuring. But rather than merely giving you a set of steps to follow, we always start by identifying and building the critical capabilities you need for enduring success. This approach creates lasting change, so your organization becomes much stronger and better prepared to face subsequent challenges.

Investment Advice

Whether you’re experienced or new to investing, we can give you the appropriate level of advice on how to improve or succeed. We also provide advice on day-to-day investor demands and communication for listed companies.
The service is highly collaborative. We make recommendations and discuss them with you in detail before you make the final decision.

How to Invest

Investing is a confusing endeavor for many people and companies, so much so that an entire industry has grown up around giving advice to those in need. Sometimes that advice works out and sometimes it doesn’t. So how do you choose the best advisor for your company?

  • Decide what goals you have with your investments.
  • Decide the skills your investor need including experience, ethics, and fit for your company.
  • Determine how much help you need.
  • Go hunting, or call In Tegulas.

How to Succeed

There are no magic words or tricks. The secret to investing success is identifying great companies and buying them at a price that provides an opportunity for growth. In summary, the secret to investing success is two parts

  • First you or your advisor identify a great company.
  • Then you do the due diligence homework.
  • Finally, you buy at a great price.